Salad Dressing: Organic Italian, Sugar Free, Vegan
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Salad Dressing: Organic Italian, Sugar Free, Vegan

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NEW, testing. This Organic Italian Hemp dressing is sugar free, gluten free, kosher, Non GMO and made here in MA. 

This fresh & vibrant twist on a traditional Italian dressing features locally grown basil from Atlas and Red Fire Farms. infused in organic raw hemp seed oil. A perfect balance of sweet and savory for salads, roasted veggies, or pastas. 


Ingredients:  Organic hemp seed oil, organic apple cider vinegar, water, *organic fresh basil, sea salt, organic onion, organic garlic, organic Italian seasoning (thyme, oregano, basil, marjoram), non-GMO xanthan gum.

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More about Hemp Oil:  
Hemp seed and oil has been called "Nature’s Perfect Food for Humanity"  a wealth of health for everyone. 
Hemp has had a long-standing relationship with humanity; modern science reveals that it contains all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary for human life, as well as a rare protein known as globule edestins that is very similar to the globulin found in human blood plasma.

Hemp seed oil is nature's most balanced oil for human nutrition (3:1 LA to LNA ratio) and is easily digestible. In fact, this oil could provide all of our Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) requirements for life, due to the balanced 80% EFA content of the oil.


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