Vinegar, Saba, Grape Must, 250 ml -8.5 fl oz
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Vinegar, Saba, Grape Must, 250 ml -8.5 fl oz

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The must of local Italian grapes is cooked until it reaches a particularly sweet and thick concentrate. It comes from selected grapes of the Modena area and has a pleasant, sweet taste which makes it ideal for drizzling on desserts and fruit. Or use it to add a hint of brightness to salads.  Excellent drizzle for pulled pork sliders.

Made in Italy, Saba is an ancient nectar of rural tradition. It's a seasoning or sweetener obtained during the grape harvest. This is due to the cooking process of red and white grape must. Saba is also called "cooked must."  Its dark color is given by caramel formed during the cooking of grape must and is different from balsamic vinegar due to its total lack of acidity. 250 ml -8.5 fl oz

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