Fatayer & Sfiha, Mahalab Bakery, 2 pack
Fatayer & Sfiha, Mahalab Bakery, 2 pack
Mahalab Bakery

Fatayer & Sfiha, Mahalab Bakery, 2 pack

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These amazing savory "pies" are locally made and naturally-fermented with clean, natural ingredients and lovingly crafted in Boston. Frozen 2-to a pack, they warm in the oven for a perfect dinner or lunch in 5-7 minutes. Truly divine. 

Spinach & Feta Fatayer: Pie (fatayer) of feta cheese and spinach, complemented with Greek wild mountain oregano; inspired by an original Greek recipe.

Three Cheese and Chive Fatayer: Rich and tangy cheese bread made with a combination of old-fashioned ricotta, mozzarella, and sheep gorgonzola, and a dash of chives.

Avir Sfiha: Soft flat pastry (sfiha) topped with red bell pepper and eggplant spread.

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