Cheese, Vegan, Barrets Garden NEW!
Cheese, Vegan, Barrets Garden NEW!
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Cheese, Vegan, Barrets Garden NEW!

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New! Fauzcotta - delicious herbed vegan ricotta. Try all these, they are wonderful!

Delicious vegan cheeses from Barret's Garden Farm.  New vegan cream cheese. Perfect for cucumber cream cheese sandwiches. 

Faux Mozzarella. Is a staple in our lactose-intolerant home. We use if for everything from casseroles to pannini, even friend mozzarella sticks.  

Farmesan is the perfect alternative to parmesan cheese.  Made from non-gmo cashews, nutritional yeast, garlic powder and salt, it's flavor is garlicky and savory. It gives your palate that 'parmesan' satisfaction. 

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