Mushrooms, Shiitake, whole OOPS! SPECIAL
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Mushrooms, Shiitake, whole OOPS! SPECIAL

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oh shiit-ake! I accidentally ordered six 3lb packs of Shiitake instead of six 3.5 oz as intended. They are already harvested for us - so we're having an OOPS Special on these delicious mushrooms. They are stellar on our pappradelle and buccatini, which we have lots of in both regular and gluten free. 

Offering in 1lb bags at a special price! ENJOY!

Whole shiitake mushrooms from the same source as our crimini. These are great in risottos, soups, gravy and so many other dishes.  Sourced through Farm Fresh Rhode Island. Sustainably grown, sliced.  3.5 oz pack.

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